Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Antibiotic resistance affects us all

 High rates of antibiotic use in rich countries has
led to the emergence of resistant strains of bacteria. The World Health Organisation’s report states that this is a ’cause of high concern’ and that resistance to ‘last resort’ antibiotics is now global.

If we continue to use antibiotics at such high rates we risk losing them working AT ALL!

Shamefully, Australia has one of the highest rates of antibiotic over-use in the world and as a result, once easily treated bacterial infections are becoming increasingly difficult to cure and even at times, life threatening.

As consumers of medicine we all have a role to play and can exert a significant ripple effect by what we choose. Save the use of antibiotics for true bacterial infections only, and even then, in non life threatening situations. Why not try something plant based first. After all, we use plant based compounds all the time, take aspirin, for example.

So, what are our other options?

First, ensure your immune system is in tip top shape. Nutritionally and herbally this means;  ensuring you have adequate iron, zinc, Vitamin C, D and E to start with. As well, you can improve your immune systems ability to detect and fight bacteria and I especially love a combination of Echinacea and Astragalus for this job.

This might also mean you need to get more sleep, improve your diet, stress less and exercise more!

Secondly, specific agents that possess antibacterial properties can also be used. Some useful ones include Garlic, Golden seal, Myrrh, Andrographis and Thyme. Lactoferrin, derived from colustrum is an incredibly powerful antibiotic agent to consider too. Furthermore, different herbs have different affinity for different body parts. For example, I would use Thyme for a chest infection and Golden Seal and cranberry  for a urinary tract infection.

I am passionate about preserving the viability of antibiotics for when people really need it.

I am available for economically priced ‘acute’ consultations when you want to get the best, most effective natural treatments for infections of any kind.

Really, the treatment possibilities are almost endless…