Saturday, 4 June 2016

10 tips to manage anxiety.

Does it surprise you that 25% of the population have diagnosed anxiety?

Given that more of us are increasingly busy, constantly 'plugged in', consuming highly refined fats and sugars, using stimulants such as caffeine; alcohol for stress relief, not moving enough and sleeping poorly, it is little wonder anxiety is so common.

Some suggest that anxiety is a normal response to our 21st century lifestyle. When lab rats are exposed to repeated, unpredictable loud noises they become anxious. When the noise is loud and constant they become depressed!

Furthermore, when people are anxious they are more likely to dissassociate and therefore may not even be aware of their anxiety, so in all likelihood anxiety propbably affects more than 25% of us.

Read on for my top 10 tips to help manage anxiety.

  • Cut back on the caffeine- most people will experience a benefit after 7-10 days.
  • Exercise- intense exercise is an  effective way to ward off a panic attack.
  • Overhaul your diet- reduce sugars, flour based products, red meat, fried foods & alcohol.
  • Eat more plant foods, especially 'above ground' vegetables.
  • Get enough sleep, 7-8hrs ideally. You may need to adopt 'sleep hygiene practices'.
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy- CBT-effective at breaking old patterns and beleifs.
  • Manage stress.Cortisol affects brain chemistry triggering anxiety. BREATHE
  • Prioritise your nutrition, particularly magnesium, B6, zinc, iron and Omega 3's.
  • Take a good quality 'activated' Multivitamin each day.
  • Harness the healing power of plants. Lavender is the ultimate anxiety relieving herb.
  • Unplug & disconnect for some time each day. 

Some of these techniques will work sooner than others, with the right formula expect to feel less anxious within two weeks and more improvements in mood over the following 6-10 weeks.

If you want to get the best nutritional and herbal prescription for anxiety and discover how to develop a mental health promoting lifestyle get in touch.