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Metabolic Reboot

6 weeks to get your metabolism working for you not against you.


Welcome to my 6 week Metabolic Reboot program. 

Over the course of these 6 weeks we will tweak how you eat, paying particular attention to your macro-nutrient intake; looking carefully at how much fat, protein and carbohydrates you are consuming. In the process, we 'reprogram' your hormones and you become a more efficient fat burner.

As the weeks progress, in addition to losing body fat you'll become more metabolically balanced and energised. You’ll also enjoy increased clarity of mind, less aches and pains and more vitality.

Is this for you?


"I've tried everything, I eat healthy and exercise but the weight just won't shift" ...

Like many of my patients who've said these exact words your metabolism could be needing a reboot.

Increasingly I am seeing individuals that have lost their metabolic flexibility. What this means is the loss of your ability to burn fat efficiently. To make matters worse your hormones are probably programming you to store food as fat AND increase your appetite at the same time. A vicious cycle!

This is your metabolism working against you!

How do you know if the Reboot is right for you?


Can you answer yes to any of the following questions?


Before now I'm guessing you have tried  different weight loss plans with little to no success? 

Can you answer yes to any of the following questions?

  • are you hungry a lot of the time?

  • struggling with fatigue?

  • often tired after meals?

  • needing to eat often to keep up your energy?

  • carrying fat around your tummy?

  • no matter what you eat your weight goes up?

  • stressed out?

If this feels like you it's highly likely your metabolism and the hormones that regulate your appetite and fat burning are working against you.

My 6 Week Weightloss Kickstart

It's all about balancing those hormones so that you can finally shift that fat.

The other benefits of the program include preventing muscle loss, improving energy & mood, reducing symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes, reducing your 'metabolic age' and simply feeling better!

One of my patients had this to say about their experience...

After many years of trying to lose weight, I had given up & decided if I kept healthy with gym work hopefully I would be okay. 
I checked in with Rian after receiving an email from her regarding coaching for weight loss. 
And YES, I did what she suggested & for the first time in a very long time I LOST WEIGHT!!! I have lost so far 10kgs. Woohoo!!!
It wasn’t easy & I had a few hurdles to over come but it was do-able/achievable. 
I had to change the way I looked at eating & that I could get through the hunger cravings.
I love how my change of lifestyle eating has made me feel SO good.
I sleep better, my energy is great, the body aches and pains have reduced greatly and people are commenting on how good I am looking. 
I am enjoying the changes to the way I look at food and enjoying exploring the recipes to fit in with my food plan. 
The app SENZA that Rian got me to use was and is a great tool in helping me understand protein, carbs etc that are in food, especially when shopping, eating out, on holidays, working out recipes etc. 
I am extremely happy with Rian’s assistance/ guidance in making my weight loss a huge success. 
A huge THANK YOU Rian, for all your guidance and great ideas in helping me succeed & continue with my new lifestyle. 

I feel great :)

Name withheld.

What's involved?


Session 1 - This is our gathering data and getting to know each other session. We'll talk about:

  • weight & body fat percentage  

  • metabolic age        

  • waist circumference       

  • blood pressure        

  • current food choices      

  • current activity level         

Here we will also get to know one another a bit better so that I can help you in the best way possible. 
If you're one of my remote clients and are calling in rather than coming into the clinic we will gather slightly different data.

" This program will surprise even the most die-hard dieters "

Food Blogger
How it works


You will receive recipes, a menu planner and a food metric outlining suggested servings of each food group per day. 

You'll also be directed to extensive online recipe resources to make meal prep easy. You'll be provided with tips & tricks to enhance fat burning.

You’ll be using an App to record your food so I can access the ‘back end’ and provide feedback around your food intake.

If you're not techie inclined, we can work around that.

Session 2 - For best results this takes place a week after our initial session. This time is spent fine tuning food choices, working on creating new habits, reviewing what’s going well and what isn't whilst making adjustments where necessary.

Sessions 3-5 -These sessions can now be weekly or fortnightly. They involve ongoing ‘data’ collection, goal setting, tweaking of your food plan and reviewing movement goals. The benefits of having weekly or fortnightly sessions are many and include staying focused, staying accountable, maintaining momentum, providing motivation and addressing issues as they arise.

Session 6 - This session is where we review goals and achievements. We will discuss ongoing dietary strategy to maintain metabolic health, prevent carbohydrate intolerance and optimise/ achieve your healthy weight.

Depending on your initial starting weight, body fat percentage and current health you may wish to continue meeting for regular weigh- ins and focus sessions until you feel comfortable and confident with your new way of being.

Features of the Kickstart


It is not a low calorie diet
Weekly Fast- Not a complete fast- You consume 600 cal one day per week (optional)  
Intermittent Fasting    
High Fat Low Carbohydrate macro-nutrient balance  
Involves counting carbohydrates rather than calories   
Ongoing access to my support via email or phone in between appointments      



How much exercise do I need to do?    


Exercise is not essential to the success of the program but will enhance your outcomes. 
I am passionate about exercise, I believe it is a necessary component of overall well being, not just healthy weight maintenance.
I know myself that if I don't exercise regularly I feel less energetic and just a bit blergh.


What about afterwards?

This is entirely up to you. My role is to support you in a way that works for you. You might wish to continue fortnightly or monthly sessions until you are feeling really comfortable with your new plan. 

You might be feeling really confident to go it alone for a while with the understanding that we can meet again if you're weight goes up, your energy goes down or you feel you could do with some support and motivation.


At Health Expressions we can offer you monthly, quarterly, half annually or annually Well Being or Healthy Ageing consultations to keep you on track.

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