Rian Smith BHSc (Naturopathy) FMCHC

I am a Clinical Naturopath, Nutritionist and certified Functional Medicine Health Coach.

I support people with fatigue, hormonal issues, gastrointestinal symptoms and chronic diseases to find and implement the changes that will give them back their spark.

I specialise in weight loss; providing sustainable, effective, achievable plans that work. I don't do fad diets!

I offer effective natural solutions for hormonal havoc- menopause, PMS, acne, infertility, low libido and stress.

Combining Naturopathic knowledge, health science and coaching skills I work with you to identify the tools, skills and knowledge you need to take charge of your health and feel good again.

Growing up in a family touched by health issues like allergies, asthma, auto-immune disease and mental health illness, I came to realise that medications rarely restore health. Nutrition, genetics, feeling valued, belonging, fun and movement are just some of the prerequisites for better health.

In my mid twenties I first visited a naturopath and live blood practitioner and had such a great result (which made taking the intense tasting herbs so much easier) that I immediately wanted to know more. In no time, I was enrolled into both college and university.

Although the Bachelor Degree was an optional extra degree, I chose to complete University level training on top of my diplomas as I wanted the best education possible.

Currently I run a clinic in Bega and love the fact that my job provides me the opportunity to work alongside people in a meaningful and respectful way, with the primary aim of improving quality of life and well being. This can be deeply satisfying for me and my clients.

In my spare time I love a swim in the ocean, training at the gym, practicing yoga, working in my veggie garden and cooking nutritional, ethical and (mostly always) delicious food for my family.



Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach 

Bachelor of Health Science UNE

Advanced Diploma Naturopathy ACNT

Advanced Diploma Nutrition ACNT

Advanced Diploma Western Herbal Medicine ACNT

Advanced Diploma of Homoeopathy ACNT

Hemaview (Live Blood Screening) Accreditation

Cert IV Business Management

Ongoing Professional Development 

ApoE-4 Internship

International Congress on Natural Medicine - June 2016

Gastrointestinal Masterclass Series - February 2016

NHAA International Conference  April 2014

Mental Health Postgraduate Masterclass – March 2014

Hemaview Advanced – April 2014

MTHFR Postgraduate Masterclass- Mental Health, Cardiovascular & Cancer – May 2014

Clinical Diagnostics Postgraduate Masterclass – July 2014

Diabetes Postgraduate Masterclass – November 2014

Bacterial Biofilm Seminar – July 2013

Nutrition for Exercise & Leanness Webinar – July 2013
Anxiety Case Analysis Webinar Series – December 2013