Your health

Naturopathic Nutritionist and Health Coach helping people with gut health, fat loss, happy hormones and energy.


Health Expressions is a Naturopathic and online clinic based in the Bega Valley, offering a whole person approach to health. I believe we can all improve our health with the right combination of know-how, commitment  and support. Ultimately having trust in your healthcare practitioner and their ability to relate to and work collaboratively with you is essential . This is something I pride myself on. 

Most of us know that diet and lifestyle are essential pillars to good health but also know from first hand experience they aren't always easy to get right.

This is where I come in. I offer an unique approach that combines  Naturopathic and nutritional expertise with Health Coaching.

Time and again I see individuals that are feeling less than 100%, have tried numerous treatments and are still not feeling as good as they'd like to.

Whatever your health issue, we will work side by side from illness to wellness.

Is Naturopathy a good fit for you?


Naturopathic medicine offers effective treatments for a wide range of conditions:


weight loss



chronic pain

period pain

hormone health and more

It might be genetics, toxicity, allergies, hormones, weight loss or stress management that you want to work on. Together we will create a  plan that works for you. 

In the process you 'll discover a lot about health in general but most importantly you'll have a clear idea on how and what you can do to feel good again.

My priority is to have you feeling energetic and great once more.

Naturopathy is ideal when:

 you want to decide your own personal level of wellness

you want to use nutritional & lifestyle strategies to address issues that run in your family
you want to go from average to amazing

you're not feeling great but medically there's nothing wrong

you're sick and want to heal naturally

you've been ill and it's taking a while to bounce back

What I will do for you

I will encourage and support you to achieve your health goals whatever they are, at a pace that feels right for you. 

I will help you lose the excess body fat, get rid of your period pain, resolve hormonal acne, remember what it feels like to be energetic and happy again.

Maybe you want to work on your gut health? I help people with diarrhoea, bloating, reflux and constipation all the time.

Your first consultation is about gathering data, establishing what you want and then developing a plan. I like to get to know who you are as a person, your beliefs and values and what makes you tick. 

Questions and assessments include:

a comprehensive personal and family history

full diet and lifestyle evaluation

symptom analysis 

general and functional pathology tests

zinc status assessment 

blood pressure assessment

body composition

metabolic age

health coaching

With data in hand my priority is to improve your symptoms AND find the cause. 

You get a clearly outlined treatment plan addressing your specific health targets, enabling you to reach your goals as quickly possible.

Complements to You

My approach is complementary to your other healthcare treatments and can be safely used alongside prescription medicines. I believe communication between all your healthcare providers is the best way to ensure treatment success and the highest level of care you deserve. 

When I collaborate with your GP, for  example, experience (and evidence) demonstrates better results for you, the patient.

It’s your health and your choice!