What my clients say about me


“Rian, thank you for your incredible knowledge, support and care you’ve offered me over my 5 year journey with Hashimotos Thyroiditis. You still remain the most thorough, knowledgeable & trustworthy Healthcare Professional I have encountered (and that’s across 3 states!!!). 

Throughout this process, you have assisted me in my quest to remain drug free, and having seen my Thyroid Antibodies drop from above 2000 to below 55 (almost normal), I would have no hesitation in recommending your care to anyone, especially those seeking help with autoimmune dysfunction.


“Over the years I have taken my family to different Natural Health Practitioners, in the hope of finding someone who truly would be able to give us answers to the health challenges our family has faced. My search is over. Rians approach to providing these answers has been different and more accurate than anything I’ve seen before, and for that I am truly thankful. Her understanding and compassion has exceeded my expectations and her gentle nature makes her very comforting and approachable for children. Her passion for natural health was evident from our first appointment and her knowledge is second to none. I would, without hesitation recommend Rian to anyone who is in the search of better health, naturally. Thank you Rian from the bottom of my heart :)”


“My first consultation with Rian was on 30.7.14. I now visit Rian monthly. I am 72 and was living a pressure filled life. My problems were: Drained of energy. It took hours to recover after a stressful day. I was near tears. Thin. Poor digestion, from eating on the run. My brain felt tired as though it needed a holiday. Sleep was broken. Generally, rundown. Weary. I couldn’t concentrate or stay at tasks for long periods.

Rian is a great listener and assessed my situation with sympathy and clarity. We sent a specimen of my hair for analysis, and this showed in detail which minerals I was not absorbing and which minerals were lacking. Rian gave me a Tonic of herbs, also minerals and a digestive enzyme. She also advised me on the foods I should add to my diet. After one week I began to feel the benefits of the Tonic and minerals. I began to have a more relaxed sleep; my stomach was less painful and bloated; I recovered from stressful situations a lot faster; I felt my ‘Life Force’ starting to return. Each week I became stronger, healthier and I could stay at each task for a longer period of time without exhaustion.

Four months later I am still taking the ‘wonder tonic’ with minerals and herbal tea. I feel as energetic as I did in my thirties. I am happily sleeping. My bones are not so prominent now (especially on my face). I am enjoying food again. I am catching up on all the jobs that were ‘too hard to do’ when my brain was muddled. I am MUCH calmer and can handle stressful situations as they appear, and it is wonderful to have my “oomph” back again.
Thank you, Rian. IT IS SO GOOD TO BE ME AGAIN!”

Carole J.


“It is amazing to get such a positive change is such a short time, I had almost given up.

Thank you.”


“I have been very happy to have found answers to my long term health and well being while seeing Rian at Health Expressions. Rian applies a scientific approach to her investigations, and is able to translate this to everyday, manageable changes for her clients. I’m very glad I found Rian and thank her for being patient and supportive with me, through the process of lifestyle changes, with the support of herbs and supplements targeted to my needs. Rians’ aftercare and ongoing monitoring allow her treatment to be very individualised. This gave me a feeling of empowerment and accountability towards my health. Thank you Rian.”


No health question goes unanswered or inadequately addressed. Rian has helped through herbs, dietary changes, gentle encouragement and lifestyle advice to change what was a healthy vegetable rich diet into one that suits my own body. Under her direction short and longer term chronic diseases are being addressed. I can recommend Rian for her all round caring attitude and wholistic approach to health care. A very satisfied client!


If you want to look and feel better than you have ever felt in your life, then you need to go and see Rian. She will help change your life for the better and you will never look back. As someone who has struggled with health issues from a very young age, Rian is a Godsend. She helps change the way you eat, think and drink and you’ll be surprised by how wonderful you can feel. I feel so much better in my forties than I ever did in my twenties. Thanks ever so much, Rian!

Jayne Wilson

Tathra, New South Wales


I have been seeing Rian at Health Expressions for 4 months and in this short amount of time I no longer catch every cold going around. My immune system is functioning better, after being severely affected by malaria and typhus.
I am also losing weight with Rian's guidance, a diet so satisfying that I can easily make it a way of life. My energy levels are back to when I was 10 years younger. I want to exercise now.
I can highly recommend Rian's expertise to anyone either with an illness or who needs to get back on track- to be their ultimate healthy self. I did not realize I could feel this well. 

Arlene Petty, Manager of Fairz Fair Fair Trade.