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Cholesterol – Fast Facts

Cholesterol is VITAL for:

  • Hormone production

  • Brain function

  • Skin health

  • Nerve health

  • Immune finction and lots more…

Did you know that 75% of your total cholesterol is actually made by your LIVER!

1 in 3 Australians have elevated cholesterol and currently anticholesterol medications are the most prescribed class of drugs and are often prescribed for life. Many people on statins will experience muscle fatigue and pain that impacts significantly on their quality of life. Furthermore, new research highlights a link between statin use and an increased risk of diabetes (in certain age groups).

Of course, given that there are many ways to skin a cat, there are also a myriad of options available in restoring cholesterol to optimal levels. Understand though, low cholesterol is not always the best measure of ‘healthy’ cholesterol.

Nature has provided us with a variety of substances that can be used for managing high cholesterol. It is no coincidence that many of these substances are fats. For example, Fish oils, Vit E, phytosterols, nuts and seeds.

It is reasonable to expect that before starting a medication one should adopt a 3 month protocol incorporating these elements; judicious use of Omega 3’s, fibre ( more than you would imagine) nuts & seeds, phytosterols, anti-oxidants and liver support.

Additional factors such as obesity, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, exercise and refined carbohydrate intake all need to be considered when targeting healthy cholesterol levels.

For those individuals that are considered high risk for cardiovascular events (stroke, heart attack) specialised pathology testing can be utilised to determine how severe their risk is and therefore informing the best approach to treatment .


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