All About You Consults

These sessions are all about uncovering the reasons you don't feel tiptop.

The goal is to have you feeling better than you have in years, reducing the symptoms that interfere with your day to day.

Here, we work together to discover the ‘triggers’ of your health concerns, explore your unique risk factors and determine what changes you can make to improve your health.


So, if your experience is chronic pain, blood sugar problems, fatigue, seasonal or food allergies, immune dysfunction, thyroid or menstrual problems; a series of All About You sessions,usually 2-3 at least, though very complex conditons might require more treatments, can have you well on the way to feeling better.

For your convenience, these consultations can take place in the clinic or on Zoom.

The greatest wealth is health 




If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little, not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.


Total Body Tune Up


If you suffer fatigue, hormonal issues, gut discomfort or skin problems you will benefit from one of my detox programs.

For maximum effectiveness, a detox program should be tailored and specific to the different toxins being targeted. An individualised detoxification program will usually run for 2-6 weeks, depending on the person, their history and types of toxin exposures and symptom severity. Furthermore, a combination of factors such as toxin exposure, genetic susceptibility and nutritional status determines your ‘vulnerability’ to toxin accumulation.

Following weight loss a comprehensive detox program is recommended as fat loss results in the release of toxins. This has the desired effect of helping to prevent weight loss slowing (plateauing).

Many occupations commonly bring us into contact with pesticides, solvents, heavy metals and chemicals.
These exposures occur across many professsions, trades and industries; particularly in rural and farming communities. Specific targets of detoxification are the gut, liver, heavy metal and chemical burdens.

Relieve yourself of your toxic burden and feel the difference!

Quick Fix, in a Hurry


You've woken up with a fever and sore throat and have an important event on the horizon. You want to get better ASAP. Naturopathic first aid to the rescue!

Naturopathic first aid offers effective treatments for cold/flu, tummy bugs, urinary tract infections and childhood illnesses. These sessions ar also available to discuss dental amalgam removal support, pre & post surgery plans and injury management.

Short and sweet, these consults address short term symptoms without going into your life history.


Maybe you want to avoid antibiotics, or don't want your symptoms to hang around, if this is you then book a Quick Fix session next time you or family members are unwell.

Ensuring you receive a professional prescription, thorough care and quicker recovery times.

To reduce the spread of germs, Zoom sessions are  available.

A Sensible Alternative

I have been seeing Rian for about 4 months and in this short amount of time I no longer catch every cold that is going around. My immune system is functioning better after being affected by typhus and malaria. I am also losing energy levels are back to when I was 10years younger....I can highly recommend Rian's expertise to anyone with an illness or needs to get back on track - to be their ultimate healthy self. I did not realise I could feel this well.


Smart Snacking




Your body will be around alot longer than that expensive handbag. Invest in yourself.


Healthy Living   


Easier said than done sometimes. The Healthy Living Approach considers

genetics, lifestyle risk factors, current and/or past occupational exposures, family and personal history, hormonal profiles and nutritional status, with the aim of identifying your potential risk factors. 

Once identified, underlying causes of poor health are addressed through diet, lifestyle, nutritional repletion and herbal medicine as required. 

A treatment strategy is designed specifically for you, with your input. Together we develop an appropriate and effective strategy for you. We will also discuss the most suitable dietary, lifestyle and nutritional interventions that are specific to your needs for Healthy Living. This approach helps to keep energetic, vital and productivefor as long as possible.

If this interests you book now to find out more.

Offering you a blueprint for vitality and longevity.

Functional Medicine


Functional Medicine describes a branch of healthcare that essentially uses dietary and lifestyle strategies to move you from illness to good health.

It is a shift away from the common disease-centred focus of medicine to a patient-centred approach. Functional Medicine addresses you as a whole, not just a set of symptoms.

Often drawing on 'simple' yet profound tools like food, daily activities, stress management and sleep hygiene; the addition of a Functional Medicine approach to your healthcare means that you'll get a unique prescription relevant only to you and more importantly, you'll get the results you are looking for.

In my opinion FM represents the next evolution in medical practice and better addresses the healthcare needs of today's patients. Functional medicine targets the underlying causes of disease, using a unique approach that engages both the patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership.  

Functional Medicine practitioners spend time with their patients, listening to their histories and looking for the interactions between genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex chronic disease. In this way, functional medicine supports the unique expression of health and vitality in each individual.

Food Sensitivity Testing


Achieve a better quality of life!

Unlike IgE driven allergic reactions that are immediate and thus easily identified, IgG driven food reactions can take hours or days to appear, making them difficult to identify. 

IgG food sensitivity reactions are the most common type of reaction in both adults and children. Often reversible, they can involve multiple foods. They form immune complexes that travel via the blood stream with symptoms affecting various tissues, organs and body systems.


openphotonet_beaker, tube,specimen.JPG

Additional Services

Functional Pathology 


In conjunction with specialist laboratories, saliva, urine, stool and blood is used to investigate biochemical, nutritional, metabolic and hormonal conditions. 

Test kits come with easy to follow instructions, with many designed to be carried out in the privacy of your home.

Call now to find out which tests you really need.

These tests can also be utilised to better understand the cause of your health issues and aid an effective and efficient treatment plan. Functional testing can also be utilised to monitor treatment progress and efficacy.

How I work

During a consultation expect to go into the detail. Sure, it's not compulsory but the more I know about what influences your health the more likely we are to find the best solution. A Naturopathic treatment takes a whole person approach, yes, we can improve your symptoms whilst also addressing the underlying cause. During our sessions  we will explore the complex interactions between biochemistry, genetics, family history, individual susceptibility, lifestyle, stress and environmental factors. This is usually the best way to achieve profound and lasting results.


As a standalone medical treatment, the Naturopathic approach can be used to identify, target and rectify the causes of many health issues.


No two individuals are alike and so their treatment plans will be different. The natural healing power that we all have, for instance the healing of cuts, can be enhanced, if given the right conditions; and harnessed, to improve, regulate and optimise a range of health issues.

This is both the art and science of Naturopathy.


Using an evidence based approach (where the evidence exists) alongside medical science, combined with traditional knowledge of healing practices, my job is to help you identify the optimal conditions for your body so that you can enjoy better health and quality of life! No two prescriptions are ever alike.

I am not alternative; I am complementary. My model of healthcare, when combined with pharmaceutical medications, can greatly improve response to treatment, minimise the side effects and enhance your quality of life.