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Guts getting you down?

Excuse me, where is the loo?

Helping people make sense of foods that best suit them and more importantly, restores good gut and bowel function is one of the most rewarding parts of my job and drives my passion for being a gut health practitioner.

Having had personal experience of  post infectious IBS, gut parasites and intestinal permeability I know how having an unhappy gut can affect your quality of life, everyday!

The fear of not knowing where the nearest toilet is can become all consuming and really impact on the things we do and how we socialise.

I have also had personal success in repairing my leaky gut and creating a healthy, diverse microbiome in spite of repeated antibiotics as a child.



Gut Healing- Where to start?

Our gut is an amazing multilayered system but which layer do you need to treat to best improve your gut health?

First, of course, there is diet- this is where we connect with the outside world, in the food that we eat! 

We then need a good supply of enzymes and digestive secretions to breakdown and digest food well. The bacteria in our gut are super important too- they help with nutrient assimilation, tolerance to foods, gut lining, inflammation, detoxification and mood regulation.

 Why bother?

Over 80% of our immune system is located in the gastrointestinal tract so gut health directly relates to our immune system- so we're not just talking about protection from infections but proper immune regulation and the prevention of autoimmune diseases.

Woman in Pain
Gut Health, Gastrointestinal Disease and the Microbiome


Mainstream science is finally catching up to the Naturopathic view that gut health and the microbiome are fundamental to our overall well being and contribute to our health not just in, but beyond the gut, as well.

As a naturopathic expert in gut health I have, and continue to support people with:

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • Coeliac Disease

  • FODMAP Intolerance

  • Lactose Intolerance

  • Liver and gall bladder digestive issues

  • GORD/GERD/ Reflux

  • Parasitic and other microbial infections; such as candida, giardia & SIBO

  • Intestinal Permeability (Leaky Gut), food allergies / food intolerances and amine and salicylate sensitivities

Raspberry Yogurt
Ferments, Fallacies and Friendly Flora


The science of the microbiome is rapidly expanding and the blogosphere can be contradictory and confusing.  

Maintaining gut health is about so much more than taking probiotics and fermented foods. Whilst these products definitely have roles to play- they are in fact NOT the superstars of gut health.

I aim to educate my patients, so they can make better informed choices around the types of probiotic foods and supplements they choose. Because there are so many different strains and species all with different affects, my job is to help identify and match you with the best probiotic, the best diet and the best lifestyle for your good gut health.

So if your concern is for example, allergy; just like you wouldn't tow a trailer with a motorbike, when it comes to gut health you'll get a better result when you match the right bug to your specific needs.

Using a combination of different testing options (only when necessary) and finding the clues in your symptoms, systematically we address all the layers of the gut- enzymes, gut wall integrity, immune regulation and microbial health so that you can enjoy good gut health, so much so that you don't even notice it!

Female Hormonal Health- Restoring the Balance


Now that I am a menopausal woman I can wholeheartedly say I have experienced all three phases of the female reproductive experience.

I can clearly recall the early days, the premenstrual pimples, the mood swings, crampy period pains and the general unpredictability of my hormonal state.

The middle years of menstruation were more reliable, sure I would have the occasional teary (or annoyed) moment and fairly regular ovulation pain and sometimes breast tenderness but by and large the use of gentle herbal and nutritional treatment would soon have my hormones balanced again.

My menstrual life was interrupted by three pregnancies, breastfeeding and all the trials and tribulations motherhood brings along- in fact the trials and tribulations persist well beyond my menstrual cycle.

I know first hand how female hormones can impact on quality of life, whether it be debilitating period pain, severe mood swings, infertility or the depression associated with menopause; I have also had the privilege to support women through the different stages of their hormonal cycles and seen better quality of life, pregnancies, clearer skin and good mood result from natural treatment strategies.

What I love most about working with women and women's hormones is:

  • working with women because they are awesome 

  • it is so satisfying to be able to bring balance to and normalise a woman's cycle so that she can experience pain free periods, improve fertility and remain positive and vital before, during and after menopause. 

If you have any hormonal associated conditions like... 

  • endometriosis

  • PCOS

  • period pain

  • infertility

  • irregular periods

  • heavy periods

  • fibroids

  • breast pain

  • premenstrual tension

  • hot flushes....

in as little as two months you could be enjoying a more balanced hormonal cycle. Can you imagine a life without period pain, irrational mood swings and heavy periods?

Would you like to experience a regular, predictable menstrual cycle, understand when your most fertile times are, enjoy having your periods?


If yes, click here to book online now or call me on 0449 569 064

Not sure and want to know more?  Contact me here .

Naturopathic Nutrition

Naturopathic Nutrition is a branch of nutritional therapy that puts your unique needs at the centre of your therapeutic food plan. It involves a ‘food as medicine’ approach that goes beyond just proteins, carbohydrates, fats and nutrients. By offering individualised dietary prescriptions, Naturopathic Nutrition enhances the success of your treatment.

Naturopathic Nutrition incorporates all these elements:

  • Macronutrient Balance – Fats, Carbohydrates  & Protein .

  • Low Glycaemic Index – With a focus on wholefoods and fibre.

  • Micro-nutrient Density – Careful food selection for maximal micronutrient intake.

  • Functional Foods – Based on your individual needs, the selection of foods that have a function beyond calorie or nutrients, specific to your condition.

  • Quality of Foods – For example, local, wild, organic. Learning how to select healthy fats.

  • Personal Eating Behaviour – Looking at emotional and situational eating habits as a way to avoid overeating.

  • Cultivation of healthy eating habits – Food nourishes more than the physical body. For example, kids who consume family meals at the table have lower rates of diabetes.

Woman Wearing a Scarf
Pyrrole Disorder - A New Approach

Pyrroles were first detected in the urine of schizophrenic patients in 1958. It was noted that when a patient’s schizophrenia symptoms improved, pyrrole molecules disappeared from their urine. Pyrroluria is understood to affect a persons level of B6 and Zinc and is not restricted just to those with schizophrenia, it is thought that approximately 10% of the population may produce pyrroles.

High urinary levels of pyrroles have been reported in cases of alcoholism, psychosis, anxiety/depression and is frequently linked with cognitive, behavioural and mood disorders.

Many of the psychological symptoms have been attributed to excessive production of neurotoxins, as a result of impaired B6 and zinc metabolism. Whilst this is correct, the underlying premise of what causes Pyrroluria is misunderstood and misrepresented. The "metabolic dysfunction" that leads to impaired B6 and zinc metabolism and subsequent pyrrole production is not well understood by most practitioners.

Sick of feeling sick? Sick of relying on Pyrrole primer packs and juggling Zinc and B6? Book now to experience the "alternative, alternative".

Healthy Weightloss


I am so passionate about healthy weight loss because it's just SO important to get it right. Weight loss diets are often badly done and at worst, can be downright dangerous and at best, a waste of money. 

Healthy weight can be difficult to achieve and maintain; we are bombarded with so many different diet options that many of us don't know what to eat, or we're misled by false claims on food labels. Also, issues such as PMS, high blood sugar and high stress can affect the hormones that regulate and control our appetite. 

Add to that the constant bombarding of food advertising, the irresistible (but lethal) combinations of fat, salt and sugar, time and financial pressures; the list goes on and the struggle continues.

My approach to weight loss acknowledges and addresses these various factors. I pride myself on modelling a healthy, sustainable eating plan, meets your nutritional needs and keeps you in a healthy weight range, optimising your vitality and longevity. 

Coupled with my Health Coach approach I will support you in making small changes that "stick" ultimately becoming life changing over time.

Keen to get jump straight in?

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