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Miracles & Mayhem

Spoiler alert...this one gets a tad personal. If you want to skip over the story part and get straight to the miracle then click on the Universal Antidote link below. And if you're interested in the mayhem, that link is also below.

My revolving door experience with doctors, surgeons and hospitals began when I was four years young. I am not exactly sure what came first...the antibiotics or the surgery, most likely it was meds first and failing that, the knife.

I had an issue with my left ear; constant and chronic, painless perforating eardrum. The antibiotics appeared to do nothing (except harm my bowel flora) and the surgical attempts to place grommets in the eardrum resulted in a stressed out little kid and waking up to a grommet on my pillow a few weeks later. Granted, the medical establishment were persistent...despite their failed efforts they did not give up, refused to change tack and this cycle continued for years.

In many ways I am grateful for the experience. At an early age I came to understand that 'modern medicine' was capable of causing harm without benefit and wasn't always able to deliver good health outcomes. It was the combination of my early experiences that motivated my passion for, interest in, and ultimately my decision to study Naturopathic Medicine.

During my training we looked at the history of Traditional Healing; Naturopathic, Herbal and other Complementary methods, such as Homoeopathy. I have long known that the American Medical Association (AMA) actively sought to suppress these traditional therapies though it wasn't until recently did I come to appreciate the extent of their strategy, how it came to be, who provided the funding and how it shaped the current dominant medical paradigm and what I call the "Chop & Pop" model.

The Mayhem

Here is the link to a 40min video that describes how the medical system came to serve the needs of corporate capitalism before those of the patient, how the AMA turned medical care into an money making industry via the takeover of the medical schools.

Alarmingly, the video outlines how the very same model has spread around the globe.

Another spoiler alert- I found it incredibly shocking.

The Miracle

Events of the past two years have seen a resurgence of 'grass roots' medicine; many people have concerns about a 'one size fits all' top-down approach to healthcare and are seeking out different approaches. The speed and breadth of information sharing is expansive; today's technology allows for rapid dissemination of information. Uncensored platforms such as Telegram, Odysee & Rumble, to name a few, have managed to evade the censorship of the Big Tech corporations. And it is in such places where you get to do the sifting yourself and come to your own conclusions or generate your own questions.

One such example is the product that is the subject of the linked video below. Chlorine dioxide, or MMS. This was first used in 1996 as a treatment for malaria with stunning results. Since then it has been used with beneficial effect for parasites, infections, toxins, autism, HIV and cancer. Don't be put off by the media outlets that refer to MMS as swimming pool bleach, it has completely different chemistry. I can't but wonder why some would chose to misrepresent the product.

This link takes you to a very interesting documentary so you can decide for yourself.

As well, you might like to look at the work of Jim Humble, who originally developed the therapeutic applications of MMS. Jump to his website here

Another Miracle- My Microbiome

Fast forward a lot of years, my left ear still demands extra attention from me and whilst the surgeon is keen to have another 'chop' at it I have come to the realisation that I will most likely end up back where I started, still with a dodgy ear, plus some additional scar tissue and more bowel flora damage. Risk vs benefit ratio doesn't add up.

A few years ago, after doing moderately intensive work to heal intestinal permeability (diet, prebiotics, fibres, probiotics and select herbals) I had my gut microbiome assessed using this test

Happily, I can report that my gut flora appears to have recovered from all those years of unnecessary antibiotic (ab)use. My microbial diversity, one of the primary indicators of healthy gut flora, was much higher than average, I had high numbers of beneficial microbes and low to undetectable levels of pathogenic species.

The healthy journey is an ongoing, ever evolving experience often with trials and tribulations along the way. The ability to use one's discernment and intuition is as important as holding onto the knowing that our bodies have an innate sophisticated healing capacity (think a graze to the knee) that can serve us well if given the right support.


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