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Ecosystems and Our Health

I know that being in natural landscapes always makes me feel good but hadn't quite realised the potential for PROFOUND impacts on our health until I listened to a recent lecture by Emeritus Prof Mark Wahlqvist AO. This 40 minute lecture had me rejoicing, despairing and even in tears at the 33 minute mark.

For those of you that enjoy (almost nerdy) lectures I highly recommend you listen here or at the very least pick it up at around 33 minutes as he starts to really fire up.

In case you don't get the chance to listen, here's my short summary on how ecosystems can potentially meddle with our health...

  • Ecosystems can provide contaminants - toxic metals & plastics that disrupt our hormone balance.

  • Microbiome disruption from pesticides, processed foods & antibiotics - when bug health is disrupted this affects our reproductive, gastrointestinal and neurological functions.

  • Food quality disturbance - this relates to lack of biodiversity, ultraprocessing & large scale farming practices.

  • Biorhythm disturbances - these affect our eating and sleeping patterns; blue light, white noise, shiftwork.

  • Energy dysregulation - for example more sitting, less walking, calorie dense foods or the opposite; food shortages and demanding physical labour.

Simple Everyday Solutions

I often find myself getting drawn down a 'wormhole' of complexity and am always having to remind myself to Keep it Simple. For the majority of us, simple changes can lead to profound affects.

  • Take your lunch outside.

  • Make your lunch a fresh salad or homemade vegetable soup - add some low toxic protein- egg or organic free range meat.

  • Eat from a BROAD range of foods - don't be too faithful to your old favourites, even if it is broccoli.

  • Shut off your screens before 10pm and sleep in a dark bedroom.

  • Clean up the environment you have most control of - your home; ditch chemical cleaners, shampoos, personal care products etc.

  • Walk around the block ; even 15 minutes daily will reduce your mortality risk by 14%.

Need more advice on how to clean up your act and improve how you feel?

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