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Worried about the Vax?

Covid isn't going away anytime soon and with delta on the rise the message from mainstream media and health is pretty loud and clear- get vaccinated, NOW! I am not anti-vax or pro-vax, I am pro-choice and especially keen on informed choice.

The more we know the more we know we don't know. Aristotle

Firstly, what we definitely don't know are the potential long-term side effects of the mRNA vaccines. Simply because they haven't been around long enough. And we don't know about the potential long-term impacts of Covid.

What we do know

  • Obesity increases the risk of more severe Covid infection and less effective vaccine response.

  • Your microbiomes' health and diversity affects the severity of Covid disease, immune reactions to infection and vaccination as well as vaccine effectiveness.

  • Exposure to common plasticisers (PFAS) increases the severity of Covid symptoms and reduces vaccine effectiveness.

  • Sleep quality- poor sleep reduces our immune response to all vaccines which results in less protection from infection.

  • Vaccine side effects depend on the type of vaccine and subsequent immune activation- Th1 or Th2 response.

  • Vaccine side effects are also impacted by your genetic individuality.

  • Many medications can reduce vaccine effectivensess and subsequent antibody response to infection.

Your inbuilt defence mechanisms

Put very simply, our immune system attacks germs with antibodies that are produced after exposure to a particular microbe or a vaccine, and with T and B Cells mediated immune responses.

T cells mount a broader response to infection and can target upto 15-20 different fragments whereas antibodies

target more specific fragments.


Antibodies wane over time, which is why booster vaccines are recommended, whilst T cell memory lasts much longer, sometimes a lifetime. Therefore, T cells are more resistant than antibodies to threats posed by new covid strains.

Need to Know

Whatever decision you make, Naturopathic medicine can provide support on so many levels. Individualised nutritional supplementation may optimise your immune response and potentially minimise adverse reactions. Targeting your pre-existing conditions before vaccination can enhance your antibody production.


Marilyn (not her real name) : Is obese and will produce good antibodies but less T cells. Herbs that enhance T cell response can be helpful to ensure longer protection. Even if she can't lose weight before the jab she can improve her outcomes with herbs, probiotics and nutrients to enhance the protective effect of vaccination and reduce potential for side effects.

John (also not his real name): has just taken a course of antibiotics so we suspect his antibody response to the vaccine will be reduced, as will be his natural immunity. Specific pre- and probiotics as well as microbiome modulating nutrients for 2-4 weeks before the jab will enhance his antibody response.


Vera: is 65yrs so we know her immune response will be blunted and she's at risk for malnutrition and developing an autoimmune response. Particular attention is given to Zinc and Vitamins A & D to optimise her immune system and vaccine response


I am not an influencer, I see myself as an educator. I specialise in herbal and nutritional medicine: Naturopathic philosophy informs my learning and approach to healthcare. I am not intending to influence your opinion, I aspire to provide sensible, practical information on how to best to support your immune response whatever you do.


If you want to talk more about your immune system and how to best support your health during the Covid pandemic I am available for phone or Zoom consults as well.


Book a Mini- Immune Special consult here

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See this earlier blog for immune enhancing strategies


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